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Great British Browband

Great British Browband

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Our Browbands are Handcrafted from natural Gemstones, 925 silver and Horween Leather.

Presenting the exquisite Great British Browband, a true testament to British craftsmanship and elegance. This remarkable browband is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, featuring a stunning combination of Garnet, White Topaz, and London Blue Topaz, all beautifully set in gleaming silver.

At the heart of this browband lies a captivating Garnet gemstone. With its deep, rich red hue, the Garnet symbolizes strength, passion, and vitality. Its fiery brilliance becomes the focal point of the design, exuding a sense of regal beauty and timeless allure.

Surrounding the Garnet are glistening White Topaz gemstones, adding a touch of luxurious sparkle to the browband. The White Topaz stones complement the Garnet perfectly, enhancing its radiance and creating a dazzling display of light and brilliance.

To complete the design, the Great British Browband features enchanting London Blue Topaz gemstones. With their deep blue colour reminiscent of the tranquil waters surrounding the British Isles, these gemstones evoke a sense of calmness and elegance, enhancing the overall sophistication of the piece.

The choice of silver as the setting for this browband ensures both durability and a stunning backdrop for the gemstones. The silver setting highlights the intricate details of the design and provides a polished and lustrous finish.

Each element of the Great British Browband is meticulously handcrafted by skilled British artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. From the precision setting of the gemstones to the intricate silverwork, every aspect of this browband showcases the mastery of British craftsmanship.

This browband is not only a statement piece but also a celebration of British heritage and style.

With its magnificent combination of Garnet, White Topaz, and London Blue Topaz, set in sterling silver, the Great British Browband is a true work of art. It embodies the grace, beauty, and sophistication of British craftsmanship, making it a cherished accessory for discerning individuals who appreciate timeless elegance.

Handcrafted with 925 silver and Horween leather. Horween Leather provides an unrivalled combination of quality, consistency, reactivity, and innovation.  Horween leather is handcrafted in Chicago to preserve its lengthy history.

Final Thoughts:

"Our horses provide us so much joy and pleasure. When they go, it is usually nice to have something we can preserve to help us treasure these memories.
The magnificent browband they wore might be salvaged or transformed into lovely natural gemstone bracelets or necklaces. Those memories will stay with us, close to our hearts or in our hands."

Metal: Silver

Cut: Oval

Total Stone Weight: 28ct 

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