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Citrine Browband

Citrine Browband

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Our Browbands are Handcrafted from natural Gemstones, 925 silver and Horween Leather.

In nature, citrine is uncommon. If your birthday is in November, your birthstone is the golden citrine.

A premier stone of manifestation, fantasy, and willpower is natural citrine. It is warm and comforting, energising, and life-giving because it carries the sun's power. It opens the mind and inspires the soul to action by stimulating the chakras in a similar way to springtime sunlight. Its frequency stimulates imagination and creativity and sustains the process of giving dreams and desires physical form. Citrine promotes new beginnings, the fullness of life, and new endeavours with its pure yellow energy. 

Handcrafted with 925 silver and Horween leather. Horween Leather provides an unrivalled combination of quality, consistency, reactivity, and innovation.  Horween leather is handcrafted in Chicago to preserve its lengthy history.

Final Thoughts:

"Our horses provide us so much joy and pleasure. When they go, it is usually nice to have something we can preserve to help us treasure these memories.
The magnificent browband they wore might be salvaged or transformed into lovely natural gemstone bracelets or necklaces. Those memories will stay with us, close to our hearts or in our hands."

Metal: Silver

Cut: Oval

Total Stone Weight: 28ct 

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