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Amethyst Claw Set Earrings

Amethyst Claw Set Earrings

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Our Earrings are Handcrafted from natural Ceylon Amethysts and 925 silver.

The most popular purple gem in the world. The birthstone for February is Amethyst. For almost 2000 years, the purple form of quartz has been utilised in personal ornamentation. The therapeutic powers and meanings of amethyst are comparable to its historical beginnings. It is still a beautiful stone of spirituality and tranquillity, well-known for its metaphysical qualities to calm the mind and induce a deeper state of meditation. Its high frequency naturally cleanses the aura of any bad energy or attachments. It forms a barrier of Light around the body, helping one to stay clear and centred while receptive to spiritual guidance.

Metal: Silver

Cut: Oval

Total Stone Weight: 2ct 

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